Chalky and Company Home Parties

Chalky and Company Home Parties

Have you heard of Chalky and Company yet? It is a brand new company that is changing the way home parties are experienced. Chalky and Company Consultants offer Paint it Chalky parties unlike any other you have attended. The parties and workshops are interactive and every guest goes home with a completed decor item that they created right there at the party.
Paint it Chalky Kits each come with a wooden project, Painter’s Powder, Painter’s Choice No VoC paint and foam brushes. Guests each customize their Paint it Chalky Kits and can also add embellishments offered by Chalky and Company. Consultants walk guests through the each step of the process to create the the chalky look that is desired. At the completion, guests will have remaining Painter’s Powder and Paint and a mind full of skill and confidence to try their own DIY products at home.

Chalky and Company Holiday Paint it Chalky Kits 2015


If you would like to learn more about  Chalky and Company as a business opportunity or to host your own Paint it Chalky Party, visit Talk Chalky to Me or Jana, That Chalky Gal to find more information about the products, the hostess plan and the ground floor opportunity. With less than 500 consultants nationwide, you could be first to bring Chalky and Company to your area.


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