Help! My Ribbons Over-Floweth Profusely

Help! My Ribbons Over-Floweth! How in the world did it come to this? How did five or six rolls of ribbon and trim turn into this? In an attempt to have all ribbons in one place and color coordinated, I removed them from their round thingies (real technical word there for spool, right?). The rounds were taking up too much room, and I had nothing that was big enough to hold it all…much less have it organized.

If you saw my scraftin’ room youtube then in the very first photos of my mess of a room, you saw all the ribbon hanging from a window treatment rod. That wasn’t working for me, so I hung them inside a cabinet. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that was a total waste of very useable space…so back to the drawing board (youtube) I went. Seems a lot of ladies store their ribbon hanging just like mine, but why does theirs look so cute and mine looks like a flippin’ mess?

I started adding them to self-adhesive hooks on the side of one of my cabinets (NO wall space) but soon realized it was not going to be wide enough to hold all my color choices. My dressform has been standing in as a holder for a short while, but that is NOT what I had intended when I purchased her.

So, here I am, just a simple scrafter…coming to you… my few readers… to help me solve my dilema. What should I do? How do you store your ribbon and trim? Am I a total hoarder? With no hope of organization? I throw myself upon the mercy of blogdomhood and hope that I will be blessed with a (inexpensive) solution….very soon!

8 thoughts on “Help! My Ribbons Over-Floweth Profusely

  1. Ok, first of all you have TONS of usable wall space (saw it in the video)…second, I think your idea of hanging them on the window treatment rods was a good one. If you don’t like them over your window then mount them on the USEABLE wall space…LOL

  2. OK, here is the deal….you shove it all in a pretty box, close the box, put it out somewhere as a decoration, and wa-la! There is your ribbon storage! Ok, so the box is a little messy, but how fun is it to just run your fingers through your entire ribbon stash when looking for one 5 inch piece of purple ribbon? And since it has a lid on it, no one can see how messy your ribbon is (or how much you have!)!

  3. Robin…now that I have a table in front of that window, it is too hard to reach the ribbon. The little bit of wall space I have available is also behind tables, but I have boards I want to eventually hang there. I let MyHero do the heavy hanging because the walls are lathe and plaster. 🙂
    I am still figuring it all out. Seems I spend so much more time “organizing” than I do scraftin’ these days..haha!

  4. know..that is sort of what I have been doing up until now….well except for the “pretty” part of the box. I do like being able to run my fingers through…and seeing all the colors in one place. Makes it easy to take the ribbon to my project or my project to the ribbon to match colors/hues.
    I stayed up very late last night working on a possible solution, so we shall see, right?

  5. I currently have my ribbon on the big wood organizers but I just got the ribbon ring and plan on moving all my ribbon to those so I can have it where ever I need it. And it will take a lot less space on my wall. You could hang them behind a door. If you have a lot of certain ribbon I would say cut off a yard and hand that and put away the rest. Just mark how much more you have on the tag holding the ribbon.

  6. Hey Jana,
    I know what you mean, I have ribbons trims ad even a few
    fancy buttons all mingled together in one of those stackable
    drawer things and some on a dowel thing…I can barely
    get my “drawers” closed now. UGH…either I gotta stop buying stuff and entering swaps or I need a whole craft room complete with organizers. Hey may be we could recommend each other for one of the TV shows where they
    redo the whole room for you? LOL

  7. Jana,
    I thought of you yesterday as I added a new piece of funriture to my crafting space. I decided to tackle those ribbons and I did something like you did with the metal hoops only I was a cheapo and used the rings from the ribbon
    reels to make my rings. I organized them by colors and then tied one ribbon near the top to prevent them from slipping offf the ring. Now here is the great part, I found a bakers rack for $30 at a garage sale and it has hooks so I just hooked each ring onto a hook. I can see at a glance which colors I am grabbing and I keep the actual ribbon yardage tucked behind it so it doesn’t take up the space on top of the bakers rack.

  8. Awesome finds Kathy!

    I just recently started placing all of mine on small cards that fit into my rubbermaid drawers. Will have to see if I like it or not.

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