Gypsy Vacation

How in the world did my Cricut Expressions and I ever get along without our Gypsy? I actually just recently found out. A few days before my glass etching class at Hobby Lobby, my darling little Gypsy crashed…yes CRASHED! It would not boot up…the blue light flashed but no one was home. It shut itself off again and again….which earned it a trip to Spanish Fork, Utah.

When Provocraft shared the devastating news that it would take about three weeks for us to be rejoined with our Gypsy, panic set in. The projects for my class were all stored on my precious little Gypsy and the thought of teaching my very first class with my trusty friend at my side frightened me to no end.

I have to mention that I rarely give up when I receive news that is not what I want to hear. Later in the day, I decided to call back to plead for a faster turn around….offering several of my own suggestions for how I could be reunited with Gypsy much sooner than the 3 weeks. After finding a sympathetic ear and paying $28 in shipping, I might be seeing Gypsy within a week.  I can hope!

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