Luggage Tags for Dorm Room Door Decorations

Luggage Tags for Dorm Room Door Decorations

With two daughters that will be Resident Assistants, me and both of  my Cricuts have been very, very busy. My Hero and I were camping at Meade State Lake and Hais joined us for a few days so that we could work on her dorm room door decs (slang for door decorations..haha). We had a great time and much was accomplished. The space was tight and we had to improvise, but all went well.

Luggage Tag Door Decorations

The theme to welcome the students on her floor is….

“Several Journeys….One Destination”

…so luggage tags seemed the perfect compliment. Using bright colors with neon animal and other prints, she layered the tag with a shadow and added the names individually. A black ribbon and a clear bling embellishment were the crowning touch.

And this is the mess that was created from our fun. I save the scraps, so that I can cut the useable parts for my saved scraps pile.

REduce, REuse, REcycle

Couldn’t finish the post without a photo of Hais and Blondie together. Hais had not seen Blondie since she suffered her stroke and both were ecstatic to see one another. They were inseperable the entire visit.

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  1. I will be a RA this fall semester and I was planning on making door decs like this for my residents. I wanted to know if it was possible to let me know the dimensions of the luggage bag tags and where I can find the colored paper you used.

  2. Hi Jasmine! First off congrats! Unfortunately I do not have the exact dimensions, but I believe that they were near 9″ long (wide). The patterned paper came in a card stock stack/book from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago and I don’t know whether they still carry it or not. Best wishes to you for your first year as a R.A.!!!


  3. Hello,
    I am going to a R.A. this year and I love the door tag idea. Could you possibly tell me where you got the fun paper. I have been looking all over for some bright, colorful, fun paper like that but have not found any. Also, did you just cut the paper into hat shape or did you use a stencil?

  4. LOVE THIS!! I’m a Residence Director at SNHU and I totally repinned this for my RAs because I have a cricut! Your daughters RDs and other RAs are going to be very very jealous of those door decs!Congrats on the RA positions and I know you’re off to a great start with these 🙂

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