New Adventures

Lots of changes have been in the forefront of everything ‘jana’ lately.  Doors closing (and locked) and the return of following my own path with my own creations is right here in front of me. With that, I have decided to start crafty-blogging again.

Just as before, I am wanting to try all sorts of new things—all at once. Before I can really kick it all in gear though, I have to get myself organized. For three years, my house has not been my first priority and that must change so that I can reclaim my awesome crafty space. I won’t be showing any ‘before photos’ this go around. I would go into full panic mode if ANYone were to actually see the mess I have created. Be assured that I will be showing little bits of progress here and there as it is all happening.

To get me back in the creative mode, I have been ‘borrowing’ the dining table to do some sign painting and crafting. I am enjoying designing my own graphics again, as well. I have even started a little side business of painted decor. Initially Inspired is the name I have chosen, in hopes that I will be offering monograms/initials/letters for personalizing.

initially inspired home decor - simply my crafts


I have had lots of fun getting back into the swing of things. I have missed sticky fingers, paint in my hair and vinyl stuck in the most unlikely of places on my body. This feels like home to me and I could not be happier.

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