Scraftin’ Haul from the Antique Shop

Last week, I had an opportunity to hit a few thrift shops and the antique store in the next town over. The antique store has had everything on at 50% off for sometime now, but this is the first time I have ever purchased anything. It never occured to me to search for vintage scraftin’ (my new word) stuff at an antique shop before. After this haul, I am wondering what all I have missed at every other shop I have visited.
I was so inspired that I decided to video my treasures and upload it (after 24 hours of trying) to youtube. Being self-conscious, I can readily point out all my mistakes and play games with this video….like…how many times can you say “ummm” in five minutes? or what the heck is that accent? can this woman even talk?
So I share with you now…will all its flaws…my very first Simply My Crafts video……

2 thoughts on “Scraftin’ Haul from the Antique Shop

  1. WOOHOOO for you! I want to go to this Antique shop by me but NOT with little stink pot! LOL! Can you imagine? Oh I love the scraftin’ LOL! Great job sweets, love the wooden thread holders AWESOME DEAL!

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