The Gypsy Has Returned!

My darling new Gypsy has arrived and now has all 37 of my cartridges uploaded again. The plugs on this one seems to be a bit “tighter” , not having some of the wiggle room my original did. I had to use a tiny bit of force to get the upload cord into the slot. When I tried to sync it with my computer, the Gypsy kept shutting down and I thought… “Oh GREAT! THIS ONE has a problem too!”  Once I figured out that the cord was not attached all the way and that the tech difficulties were with a slow internet connection….all was good. There was a huge sigh of relief!

The few projects that I had stored are forever lost, but I have immediately begun an attempt to recreate some of them. At the end of the month, I will be attending eBayon Location in Dallas, Texas and I want to have a special gift for one of my online friends. The plan is to design her eBay user ID  to look similar to the eBay logo and then use my Cricut Expressions to cut the vinyl for etching onto a wine glass. I am so excited and can hardly wait to get started on this project.

Details Soon!

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