Update @ Simply My Crafts

Update @ Simply My Crafts
Update at Simply My Crafts

So much has happened since we last visited.

Yes, I know. It has been a very long time since I have blogged here at Simply My Crafts. I have decided to give a bit of an update. In 2011, when I opened my first boutique, I kept so busy that I no longer had time to craft or keep up with my friends from the Cricut Message Board. The good intentions were there, but weeks, then months passed quickly and dust gathered profusely in my studio. Those months turned into three years and the addition of another storefront.
Time fast forwards to 2014 and I decided to close both stores and to stay home and create. Everything being in such a disarray, I had little motivation to get back into a creative state of mind. Super fast forward to early 2015 and the studio still looked a mess.. with even more added. Just as I was beginning to realize that I may never get back my crafty mojo, an opportunity came to me. An opportunity to be creative again.. AND make money all the while. So… stay tuned for an update on my current misadventures very soon!
XXOO ~ Jana

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